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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry and Replica Watches
Since 1956

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About Shavonne - Fashion Rings & Costume Jewelry Since 1956

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Shavonne's 58 year old World Wide Unconditional Guarantee

Shavonne's Providence, RI Factory
Former Providence, RI Headquarters
Our History
   Founded in 1956 by Donald Gist, Shavonne was originally headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. For 56 years, Providence was the world capital of fashion and costume jewelry manufacturing, with over 1,000 different manufacturers producing every type of jewelry.

   Only 50 or 60 of these were "vertical operations", managing every aspect of design, manufacture, and wholesale distribution. Shavonne was one of these few companies, overseeing the entire process (and gaining valuable experience in all of these areas) in our block-long headquarters at 23 Acorn Street.

The Present
New Factory
New 100,000 square foot factory
Shavonne's Etowah, TN Headquarters
Current Etowah, TN Distribution Headquarters

Shavonne's 1,000 square feet walk-in vault
Shavonne's 1,000 square feet walk-in vault

Warehouse #1 - 2 Story - 3,000 square feet
Warehouse #1 - 2 Story - 3,000 square feet
Warehouse #2 - 2 Story- 3,000 square feet
Warehouse #2 - 2 Story - 3,000 square feet

58 years later, Shavonne continues to strive to present "always something new and different".

   Headquartered in Etowah, Tennessee since 1989, Shavonne is still owned and operated by Donald Gist. Shavonne is devoted to its tradition of extraordinary quality and client service while managing the most unique headquarters operation in America.

   In addition to Shavonne's full service distribution headquarters division in Tennessee, Shavonne's wholesale dealers AND distributors can be seen at a great many retail and wholesale shows and expositions throughout America. Shavonne's super "user friendly" web site is one of America's oldest (since 1995) and largest... and is continuously updated . With well over 100 viewable pages, and more than 7,000 items on display, Shavonne's web site provides this continuously updated catalog for your satisfaction. You will have the distinct pleasure of speaking directly with some of the most knowledgeable and helpful jewelry professionals in America...that is our personal promise to you...which has been unchanged for 58 years.

   After 58 years of experience in both manufacturing and design, Shavonne's quality and client service has only improved. Shavonne continues to offer its clientele the ultimate in fashion rings and costume jewelry and Geneva watches.

The Shavonne Family - Christmas 2006
The Shavonne Family - Christmas 2006

Our Experience
   In 58 years, Shavonne has been a part of many accomplishments in the jewelry industry. To name a few, Shavonne...
  • ... is one of the oldest specialty jewelry companies in the nation with 58 years of design, manufacturing and sales experience.

  • ... has been a supplier of fashion and costume jewelry to some of the largest retail store chains in America.

  • ... was one of the first jewelry retailers on the Internet in 1996.
    One of Shavonne's previous jewelry operations
    One of Shavonne's previous retail operations

  • ... was one of the three original innovators of "Chain By The Inch" in 1980.

  • ... created the first jewelry mall kiosk at Pampano Beach Fashion Square Mall in 1969.

  • ... co-founded the Celebrity Jewelry Treasures Party Plan Company in 1990, with Donald Gist as its CEO. (Mr. Gist eventually sold Celebrity, but still maintains a highly successful party plan program as part of Shavonne's wholesale division)

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