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Since 1956

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Fashion Rings and Jewelry

Metals Used in Fashion Rings and Jewelry

Shavonne uses 14k yellow and 14k white gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and non-tarnishing rhodium as the final and permanent finish on all its high quality fashion jewelry. Almost all the sterling silver jewelry is finished in non-tarnishing rhodium which costs about $4,000.00 per ounce. It looks the same as highly polished sterling silver, but will never tarnish.

Most fashion jewelry manufacturers use silver or brass as a base or core metal. We had used both for many years and both are good; but, as a fashion jewelry manufacturer, we discovered that Shavonne's exclusive jeweler's bronze was superior in all ways for beauty and wear ability. Even though its initial cost is greater, cost has never been our prime concern. Customer satisfaction is--and always has been--our greatest concern.

Russian Cubic Zirconia ( CZ ) and Swarovski Austrian Crystal Stones

Shavonne's fashion rings and jewelry contain the finest man-made and laboratory-created gemstones possible--class "A" Russian Formula cubic zirconia and genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal stones (although a few of our ring styles do feature natural gemstones rather than their lab-created counterparts). While lab-created stones such as cubic zirconias are typically associated with clear diamonds, they can be colored to realistically simulate other natural stones--ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, tanzanite, aquamarine, pink diamond, and golden topaz to name a few.

Many Shades of Colored Cubic Zirconia Stones

From time to time we receive questions about the various shades of the Russian formula cubic zirconia stones in our fashion jewelry. What many people don't realize is that the very finest cubic zirconia stones--just like natural gemstones--come in varying shades. Shavonne's exclusive diamond faceting is responsible for the extraordinary brilliance you will enjoy forever.
Tropical Teal
Brazilian Blue
Clear Diamond
Black Diamond
Pink Tourmaline
Golden Topaz
Caribbean Sunset

Natural stones can and will have many different shades, from darker to lighter. In fact, all natural stones except perfect blue-white diamonds have these variations.

Cubic zirconia stones, too, have these color variations due to the highly sophisticated process used to create them--vacuum induction. In this manufacturing process, a large free-form piece of cubic zirconia is created as the various quality ingredients necessary for cz are electronically injected into a vacuum.

For stones other than clear diamond czs (e.g., ruby, sapphire, emerald, peridot, or tanzanite), permanent coloring is also perfectly blended at this time, meaning the color is permanently ingrained throughout the stone--not just on the surface. Many lower-quality cubic zirconia stones only have a coloring on the surface which will lose brilliance over time, but Shavonne uses only the highest-quality cz stones, Russian formula, in our fashion jewelry.

However, color tends to be lighter on the extremities of the uncut, free-form cz and darker towards the center. Typically, larger stones are cut from the center of the cubic zirconia, and smaller stones are cut from the extremities of the stones.

Different renderings of cubic zirconia stones have slightly different shades, and stones cut from different locations on the newly-created free-form cz will have slightly different shades. So, the cubic zirconia stone you get will have a beautiful, realistic ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, or peridot appearance but its very own unique shade.

Birthstone Chart

Shavonne's birthstone colors will please even the most discriminating individuals. You will be able to enjoy their unique colors virtually forever.

Cleaning Your Fashion Jewelry

With the exception of our replica watches and jewelry that contains certain natural stones (such as jade, pearls, coral, etc.) this is how we beautifully maintain tens of thousands of pieces of Shavonne jewelry:

  1. Immerse the jewelry for 8-10 seconds in any good liquid gold or silver cleaner.
  2. Rinse the jewelry clean under a warm water faucet.
  3. Rinse the jewelry once again in a separate glass or plastic container in a soapy water solution.
  4. And finally, thoroughly rinse the jewelry again under the warm water faucet, then...
  5. Towel dry and leave your jewelry on the towel...
  6. Blow-dry your jewelry with your hair dryer for about 10 seconds at a distance of about 8 to 10 inches, being sure to blow under or behind the stones. Do not hold while blow-drying as the items can get very hot.

The result is beautiful. All water (except certain bottled waters) contains many minerals that, when allowed to air dry, will deposit a fine mineral residue on the surface that eventually dulls that surface of the jewelry. By evaporating all moisture from the jewelry immediately with your hair dryer you also dispose of the mineral dulling problem. The result is a return to its natural beauty.


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