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Since 1956

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Austrian Crystal & Cubic Zirconia
Our pendants feature only genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals and Russian Formula Cubic Zirconias, some of the most spectacular flawless created stones available!

Austrian Crystal stones for jewelry were invented in 1842 by the Swarovski Company of Salzburg, Austria. Swarovski Stones are still the unquestioned ultimate in quality, durability, and beauty.

Cubic zirconia stones were co-invented with Russian scientists late in the 20th century. Today, "Russian Formula" cubic zirconia stones are still the finest class of cubic zirconia stones available.

14k Gold & Rhodium Finishes
Most manufacturers use silver or brass as a base or core metal. We had used both for many years and both are good. However, as a manufacturer, Shavonne discovered that jeweler's bronze was superior in all ways for beauty and wearability!

Even though its initial cost is greater, cost has never been our prime concern. Customer satisfaction is--and always has been--our greatest concern! For 58 years, Shavonne--family owned and managed--has operated with the lowest overhead, the highest quality, the finest warranty and personalized service, and the lowest-priced costume jewelry of excellence--bar none!

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