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Shavonne Fashion Jewelry Retail Buyer's Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you sell at Retail?
    Yes, all of Shavonne's jewelry products are available for retail purchase either over the phone or through our secure shopping cart.

  2. What are your Retail Prices?
    The price shown for each item is our discounted retail price!

  3. Do I need an account or login information for Shavonne?
    No, our retail department does not require accounts therefore you may add items to your cart and place your order and only supply your information during the checkout process.

  4. How is my order shipped? When will my order arrive?
    We ship all orders via US Postal Service (Delivery 5-10 Business Days in the US and varying times Worldwide). All items on one order will be shipped at a flat rate of $5.95 within the US. FAST Express US Shipping is an option at $22.00. You can check to see if your order has shipped by using our Order Status page. Unfortunately we can not be held responsible for any shipped packages marked delivered by the shipper.

  5. How do I clean my jewelry?
    Please do not wash hands, do dishes, shower or clean the house when wearing the jewelry. Certain soaps and cleaning supplies may damage the coating on the jewelry. When cleaning your jewelry, avoid commercial jewelry liquid cleaner. These cleaners tend to bleach the jewelry. Use a cleaning cloth, the type you would use when polishing silver.

  6. How do I care for my plated jewelry
    Be careful! If you are planning on using any chemicals, whether washing dishes or cleaning with harsh chemicals, take off your plated ring. Don’t allow it to come into contact with any harsh chemicals, or even perfumes and oils. Not only can it wear away the plating, it can discolor it as well. If you bump a plated ring or scratch it against various surfaces you’ll come into contact with while cleaning, the plating will scratch. The same goes for using tools. It’s best to take the ring off to perform tasks that require excessive use of your hands.

    If you work in the food industry or spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, you should leave plated jewelry in the box. Even sweat can lead to the wear of the plating.

    Be sure to avoid storing your plated jewelry in something made of oak, or even cardboard boxes. These materials are often treated with sulfur, which over time will release fumes that will cause your jewelry to tarnish and become damaged. Try to store the plated pieces in your collection inside the box it came in, or a velvet or silk pouch to keep them safe.

  7. Will my finger turn green?
    Rhodium is a silver, shiny coating over the ring to prevent it from tarnishing. If you are allergic to non-gold jewelry (due to having a higher acid level in your skin), you may get the "green finger." Some people will apply a clear coat of nail polish to the band area to prevent this from happening. This does not mean the jewelry quality is bad. While you may have an allergic reaction to a particular ring, many others won't have the same reaction.

  8. What are the warranties on your jewelry?
    All Shavonne Jewelry items are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Shavonne rings have a Lifetime Unconditional Warranty. A full one year factory warranty is provided on all watches. Retail customer satisfaction has been all important for 58 years.

  9. What is your return & exchange policy?
    Simply contact Shavonne by email (Contact Page) to obtain your Return Authorization Code for either return or exchange. Also, to provide helpful information. (Unauthorized returns are subject to a minimum 15% inspection and restocking fee.)

  10. How do you sign up for the Shavonne Newsletter?
    Simply put your email address into the following field and click subscribe.

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