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Shavonne's Printable Ring Size Chart

Option 1:
Printable Ring Size Guide

Shavonne Ring size
  • Print this page. Either print the entire page or select the text in the middle column along with the ring size and print selection. If you right click the ring size image and click print picture, then the size will be wrong due to image constraints.
  • Cut out the ring size guide along the bottom of the guide and above the numbers so the piece of paper is approximately 1/4-1/2 inch width.
  • Wrap the piece of paper around the finger in which the ring is to be placed with the numbers facing out.
  • The number that meets the end of the paper with the star is your ring size.

Option 2:
Ring Size Chart

To find your ring size: Simply measure the circumference (distance around) your finger (with something flexible, such as a strip of paper or piece of string, and a ruler with millimeter measurements). Or, measure the diameter (distance across) in millimeters of a ring you currently wear. Find the nearest measurement on the chart below. That's approximately your ring size. (When in doubt between two sizes, it is always safer to go to the next larger ring size. This ensures your new ring will fit you.)

Measuring a Fashion Ring An example of measuring the diameter of a ring. The inside of this ring is approximately 18mm in diameter, making it a size 8 on the chart below.

Ring Size Circumference (in mm) Inside Diameter (in mm)
4 48 15 mm
5 51 15.3 mm
6 54 16.2 mm
7 56 17.1 mm
8 59 18 mm
9 62 18.9 mm
10 65 19.8 mm
11 68 20.4 mm
12 71 21.3 mm
13 74 22 mm
14 77 23 mm
15 80 23.9 mm

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