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Since 1956

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Silicon Band

Elegante & Marcasite

Elegante & Marcasite Watches Beautiful marcasite watches featuring tons of crystal or cubic zirconia stones. These watches feature all metal bands with an assortment of styles featuring different stone colors or the traditional looking elegant watch featuring the marcasite stones.
Elegante & Marcasite

Leather Band

Metal Band

Watch Rings

Watch Heads and Faces

Christmas Watches

Watches of real quality have been an important division with the Shavonne Corporation for many years. Shavonne offers our retail customers a One Year Manufacturers Warranty when purchasing all Geneva original watch designs and watches. Also, we provide our customers with a complementary replacement battery with the purchase of a watch. If for any reason your replacement battery has expired simply call us and we will send you another replacement battery totally free of charge.

Shavonne watches vary tremendously in styles from cuff, elegante, marcasite, Brighton inspired, leather and metal bands, mens, and our watch heads and faces. All of which have stainless steel backs and Japanese movements.

Geneva Watch Corporation manufactures many of the most beautiful quartz, water resistant, stylish and reliable watches and original watch designs in the world. Shavonne is one of the original Geneva Watch authorized importers in America-well over 20 years ago!!

We are genuinely proud in managing our entire company in a true Christian manner; therefore, you can count on honesty and integrity each and every time. All of our watches will bear the Geneva or allied Geneva brand name. For your protection - our watches and watches will never show an illegal counterfeit name such as Brighton, Gucci, etc. Whenever we show the those brand names in our advertisements and descriptions, it is just to tell you that our Genuine Geneva Watches are superbly inspired in style and approximate size and weight by that particular brand.

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