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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry and Replica Watches
Since 1956

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Costume Custom Manufacturing and Custom Fashion Jewelry Manufacturers

Are you an organization, corporation, or entrepreneur in need of...
  • new styles to start or expand your business?
  • copyright protection for jewelry designers?
  • unique fund-raising or commemorative jewelry?
  • corporate premium or promotional designs?
  • employee recognition or appreciation awards?
  • business, company, or corporate gifts of jewelry?

More Information about Shavonne Special Projects Division

What We Can Manufacture

     As a stainless steel, gold plated, rhodium plated and sterling silver, fashion and costume jewelry manufacturer for 58 years, we can provide many types of custom-made jewelry that are perfect to fulfill varied commmercial requirements. We can manufacture to specification:

  • rings
  • pins
  • pendants and slides
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • special awards
  • and more...

Minimum Order Requirements

     Because of the complex nature of the jewelry casting and manufacturing process, a minimum order is required--but we can make any quantity above 500 that you require, up to 100,000 pieces in any one order.


     The costs of custom, made-to-specification jewelry manufacturing is highly dependent upon the quantity of the order, the materials used in the design, and any special design fees required by our design department. Before calling for pricing information, please determine your requirements:
  • Approximate quantities you will need
  • Precious metals and finishes
  • Target price(s)
  • Packaging, if any
  • Target date(s)
  • Whether drawings, virtual images, or physical samples can be furnished for the design process

Our Quality

     The factory that will manufacture your special custom-made jewelry items is the same factory that manufactures our beautiful ring, necklace, bracelet, and pendant collections--so you will receive the same high quality jewelry that we sell everyday. You may review literally hundreds of current examples of our extraordinary quality at

New Factory
New 4 story factory

Some of the factory's 1,800 employees
Some of the factory's
skilled employees

3D computer renderings of jewelry designs
3D computer renderings
of ring designs

Jewelry exhibits & showroom at the factory
Factory exhibits & showroom

Our Manufacturing Design Process

     Our manufacturing factory has a full design department, complete with the ability to produce virtually rendered (VR) images of design prototypes.

Our factory's design department can develop a product using your input. There are two ways to do this:
  1. You can provide a physical sample of what you need. We can either make an exact copy of it or we can make certain modifications if necesary.

  2. You can provide black-and-white drawings or virtual images that will be used to help create your design.

     The average manufacturer fee of $300 is NOT a prepayment. Only the initial quantity - or approximate quantity - is to be determined at this time. As you will now read, there are normally 15 steps and processes to be completed in order to manufacture your item to the highest possible quality. This fee encompasses a great deal, beginning with the initial consultation and/or preliminary editing of your original renderings by Mr. Donald Gist, president of Shavonne. He brings forth a 58 year background of extraordinary knowledge and excellence in teh fashion jewelry field. Upon your careful approval of any editing changes, the "approved" rendering will then be forwarded to the factory design department. The design engineer will then create an original virtual rendering ("VR") for your approval. This "VR" will show you in detail what your new item will look like. You will be able to view your new creation from several angles for clarity. The computer also will generate (a) The approximate dimensions in millimeters. (b) The approximate weight in grams. In the rare instance when further editing is necessary, it is to be done at this stage. Then the "VR" process is re-created one additional time at no additional cost. Upon your final approval of the "VR," we will be able to determine the manufacturing cost for your item. Upon your approval of the price, the $300 fee is required by check or credit card.

     The design department will then create the model, the mold, and cast 3 pieces. These 3 pieces will then be processed through all our factories confidential procedures to prepare the castings for electroplating. After electroplating, the factory will finally have created 3 original items. The factory will retain 1 finished piece, we will retain one sample at Shavonne, and you will receive the final finished item.

     Upon your final approval - the order will be generated. 50% of the agreed upon price is now due and payable. The order will be forwarded to the factory upon receipt of the initial 50% prepayment. The balance will be due upon shipment of the remainder. If a partial shipment is required by the factory, then the payment would be equal to the amount of the partial shipment only.

Getting Started: Phone Consultations

     Whether you know exactly what you need or you're reseaching gift and award ideas, we can help you get started through phone consultations. Before you call, please determine the approximate quantity, target date, and target price so that we can better assist you in meeting your needs and requirements.

When you're prepared, please call our Shavonne Manufacturing Division at 1-800-373-7464 (Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-5pm Eastern) and ask for Frances or Donald Gist, the general manager.

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