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Fundraising Events with Shavonne Fashion Jewelry

Looking for a unique fundraising program for your school, church, or non-profit organization? Selling Shavonne fashion and sterling silver jewelry is a great fundraising idea:

  • Something for everybody. Whatever type of organization you are a part of, we have jewelry that's a perfect match. For ladies, choose from a full line or ladies' jewelry, including rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. For men, choose from men's watches and rings, including specialty designs like our Masonic rings and military rings. (And with our 33 years of retail experience, we can help you choose the right combination of styles for your particular fundraising project. Contact us for more details.).
  • Custom designs for your organization. If you want to sell something a bit more personalized, we can custom-manufacture jewelry with your school, church, or organization's name and/or logo on it. It's great for fundraisng, and can also be used for special awards or gifts! See our Manufacturing Division for more information.
  • Discount retail prices. Shavonne jewelry generally retails around the $10 to $60 range, with most of our items around $15 to $20. Items in this price range fit easily into most budgets, and are also good as impulse-buy items. Compare these prices to those of most major fundraising programs.
  • Low wholesale costs. Organizations running fundraising programs with Shavonne jewelry buy through our wholesale division, meaning your price is discounted from our retail price based upon the volume you order. At higher levels, this can easily equate to a 300% to 400% markup, depending on what you set your prices at. The bottom line is that more of your fundraising proceeds go directly to your organization instead of towards paying for what you're selling.
  • No catalog sales. When you sell Shavonne jewelry, your customers make their selection based on the real thing (not just a picture), pay for their jewelry, receive it on the spot, and get to take it home the same day--there are no order forms, backorders, or waiting for orders to ship. This has proven to be a key component in our wholesale and party plan sales programs; though it costs more at the outset, it increases sales dramatically.
  • It's different and unique. If you're familiar with fundraising sales programs, you know there are a variety of them out there--but most of them are the same kinds of products, and they get used over and over. As a fundraising item, Jewelry is something different and unique. And selling from a display of beautiful jewelry rather than by passing out catalogs and order forms is a different way of operating a fundraising event. Give your supporters something more than the usual, same-old fundraiser, and see the difference in the support you'll get.

Ready to get started? Want more information? Contact us for a free consultation. We can help you choose the right type of jewelry, the right styles, and the right amounts to keep in stock for your school, church, or charity fundraising project.

To our fundraising clients: Fundraising sales can be a great opportunity for you as well! Many of the opportunities covered in the confidential "Expanding Your Business" and "Additional Sales Opportunities" documents that come with your Level 3 wholesale account consist of providing various organizations with fundraising opportunities.

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