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Fashion Jewelry Party Plan Business

Party plan business for Home, Business, Extraordinary & Unique
  • There are NO fees whatsoever to join Shavonne
  • Make $400 to $600 profit per home party or special event...
  • Earn three times more than other party plan companies' sales representatives...
  • Run your own home-based business instead of working on commission...
  • Learn to seek out unique business opportunities unknown to most people...

Shavonne's 1,000 square foot walk-in vault
Average Inventory: 122,000 Rings...14,000 Watches...1000s of Accessories

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11323ZCH As a sterling silver, fashion and costume jewelry manufacturer and distributor, we have seen first-hand the extraordinary success that people interested in building their own home-based business can have with jewelry home, business, and office parties. The advantages of selling through a personal party combined with the advantages of Shavonne's fully-guaranteed Win-Win Wholesale Protection Program for levels 3,4,5, make jewelry party planning with Shavonne's uniquely beautiful sterling silver, fashion and costume jewelry a superb business opportunity.

In fact, we have seen our party plan sales professionals earn an average of $400 to $600 profit per party or special event--that's $100 to $300 per hour you work at the party or special event and almost three times what other party plan companies' sales agents make! (Please read on to find out how.) Their retail prices will average more than 100% higher than your Shavonne jewelry.

At Shavonne you only pay for your jewelry; there are no additional fees to *"join" as there are with many other party-plan companies (in fact, you're not *joining anything--your business is your own). When you decide to open a wholesale account with Shavonne you are making the decision to go into business for yourself. There are no contracts, to sign that can slow the growth of your company.

The Advantage of Selling Through Personal Parties & Business
There are many different ways to sell jewelry, and for many people, home, business, and office party planning is a perfect fit to their time, resources, and goals because it allows you to: Party Planning with Shavonne Jewelry
With home, office, or business parties being a popular way to sell jewelry, what makes Shavonne different from any of the other companies offering jewelry home party planning or home business opportunities? Here are just a few ways Shavonne's wholesale program can be an advantage to you:

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A few final thoughts as to why Shavonne...
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